Reinventing Patient Education for Patients and Providers

Unlock immediate cost savings with MyPostOpCare. Our digital patient education platform easily integrates into your current practice workflow, with no EHR integration required. We use your current patient handouts to deliver customized, digital pre- and post-operative instructions to your patients. Additional content can be added to increase patient engagement using instructional videos, photos, facility maps, and more. Getting started is simple. We do most of the work to ensure minimal disruption for you and your busy staff.

MyPostOpCare Application

Features and Benefits

Expand patient volume by freeing up valuable staff, through elimination of excess phone calls and tedious administrative tasks.

Enhance overall patient education through a more robust, online resource that includes surgery-specific videos, photos and recovery tutorials.

MyPostOpCare handles the onboarding of each physician and procedure – have your entire practice up and running in a few weeks.

Identify at-risk patients quickly using simple alerts that reveal who is engaging with care instructions and who may need additional assistance.

“MyPostOpCare provided such thorough information to our patients, resulting in our office call volume to decrease by almost 20% over the course of the first year.”
-The Orthopaedic Center
“We saved an average of $17 per procedure once MyPostOpCare was implemented. Our annual savings exceeded $8K and freed up about 200 hours of labor time - and this was only for 1 Physician!”
- Dr. Brian Scholl -The Orthopaedic Center

How much can MyPostOpCare save your practice?

Number of physicians in group practice

Number of procedures per year, per physician

Staff labor hours spent on physician packets per week