Reinventing the Recovery Timeline for Patients and Providers

MyPostOpCare provides a simple, digital process for patient education. Patients receive their doctors' custom web-based instructions and text message reminders as they prepare for and recover from an operation. Busy staff spend less time delivering patient education and an easy-to-use dashboard alerts staff when patients are not engaging with their instructions.

We Digitize Surgery Recovery Instructions

Features and Benefits

Enhance overall patient education through a more robust, online resource that includes surgery-specific videos, photos and recovery tutorials.

Improve overall clinical outcomes with pre and post operative, time sequenced instructions delivered via text message.

Recognize an immediate cost savings with the elimination of traditional paper instructions, and free up valuable staffing time.

Reduce readmission rates and emergency room visits by empowering patients to have more control over their healthcare recovery plan.

“I’ve seen a 40% reduction in call volume to my staff nurses, which is great!”

-Dr. Smith
“I was able to show my family my procedure; it really helped put our minds at ease.”

-Janet, 49

How much can MyPostOpCare save your practice?

Number of physicians in group practice

Number of procedures per year, per physician

Staff labor hours spent on physician packets per week